With the power of minerals and plants,
your skin can become more beautiful.

VINTORTÉ is a natural cosmetics brand from Kyoto, focusing on bringing out the natural beauty of your skin with the power of minerals and plants.
We offer a lineup of mineral cosmetics with light texture as though allowing your skin to breathe, not requiring cleansing and are gentle to your skin.
Furthermore, the “Botanical Sensitive Series” is a new line of skincare we have created under doctor supervision for adults with sensitive skin, toning the skin’s barrier function with the power of ceramide and plants.
Made from over 97% natural ingredients, the 11 additive-free and gentle products in the “Botanical Repair Haircare Series” will nourish your scalp and hair to leave your hair bouncy and shiny.
The synergy of “skincare”, “make-up”, and “haircare” will bring out the natural beauty of each person’s skin, scalp, and hair, soothing and comforting your mind.


How it began

For my mother who was suffering from sensitive skin

My mother had been suffering from sensitive skin since she was young, and was never able to find the right cosmetics for her.
When I consulted my friends, I found out that there are many others like my mother who are suffering from sensitive skin.
From that discovery, I felt a strong need for cosmetics gentle to the skin and became determined to develop mineral cosmetics which do not require cleansing and is effortless to the skin. And in December 2011, the natural cosmetics brand VINTORTÉ launched in Kyoto.

Cosmetics that enrich the mind

Even the greatest cosmetics cannot truly be considered as “cosmetics that bring happiness” to the users if the price is not affordable for everyday use.
We decided to pursue a simple and sophisticated labels and packaging with considerations on the environment and price. In exchange, our products are made with rich ingredients of high quality.
We will continue to bring cosmetics that are simple and comfortable which enrich the mind with the help of mother nature like minerals and plants.



  • 1. Ensured quality of made-in Kyoto

    VINTORTÉ, as a domestic Kyoto brand, promises thorough craftsmanship true to its long history, tradition, and trust.

  • 2. Pursuit of raw materials gentle to the skin

    Make-up and skincare products are in direct contact with the skin every day. Which is why VINTORTÉ pays special attention to “what we use” and “what we don’t use” in our products.

    <Ingredients we use>

    Natural minerals / 100% Pure silk / Essence from Kyoto’s silkworm cocoon / Plant essences

    <Ingredients we do not use>

    Petroleum surfactant agent / Ultraviolet absorber / Talc / Silicone / Mineral oil / Paraben / Ethanol / Synthetic perfume / Artificial colorant

  • 3. Focus on cosmetics that enrich the mind

    We promise to develop gentle cosmetics which pursue a simple and sophisticated labels and packaging with considerations on the environment and price, which in exchange will be made with rich ingredients of high quality.